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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mix it up!

It's always good to learn new things, right? Well that goes for us trainers too! I am learning something new-- Barrel Racing. I've ridden a lot of horses in my lifetime but I have never ran barrels before. Time to learn!

Think about it : what if every single day you did the same exercise? You would not only get uneven muscle development but you would want to QUIT! What could you and your horse work on? Sometimes the daily routine can get a little boring for both of you. We need to keep our workouts varied in order to keep our horse interested. Be creative! Maybe your dressage horse wants to go out on the trails for a little while, or maybe your western pleasure mare would enjoy learning some reining maneuvers. Mix it up, work with a trainer you trust,  and have fun!

We want our horses to truly love what they do, and not get burnt out. Varying your exercises with your horse will not only be a lot of fun, but it will make both you and your horse a more well rounded team.

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  1. There's always a room for improvement. Learning new things can be very beneficial not only for yourself but to the horses as well. It can also enhance the ability of the performance horses.