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Monday, January 31, 2011

Not On Our Time

The weather this weekend was beyond fabulous. It was magical ( over doing it, am I?  Nope!). Perfect temperature, about 68, and abundant sunshine. The horses were all lazy, basking in the sunshine and taking naps. I was recharged, and having a ton of fun showing our two sale horses to a few clients. I love schmoozing in the sunshine!

But, Columbia is a cruel mistress. Her lovely weather is only a tease.  I woke up to the cold drizzling rain this morning and remembered that spring is still a good two months away. But, regardless of the weather I pull myself out of bed like usual, put on my "Bogs" (If you don't have them you should get some!) and went on to the horses, feeding, pulling hay of the round bale and getting wet in the rain. 

While I was filling the fifth wheelbarrow full of hay, I noticed the nickering of the hungry horses staring at me forking hay, and the quiet peace of the farm. My horse, Denver, has particularly goofy looking bug-eyes when he is hungry... he always makes me laugh sticking his head as far as he can out of his stall and mouthing at thin air, bug -eyes bulging. There is always something to smile about, even on rainy days. 

 I am hardly ever in a hurry at the barn.That is partly because I have the luxury of that being my full time job, but I'd like to think that it is mostly because of the way the horses are. They are not on our schedule, and no matter how hard we try to get them to go by our watch, they won't. I love that. 

So here's my challenge to you. Next time you go to the barn take a minute to think about what drew you to horses in the first place. Be Silent, like they are. Meditate on that thought. Find joy in it.

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  1. That's the wonder of horses. By only watching them you can learn a lot of things about life. I was so thankful when I got my first performance horses, it really inspire my life.