Culpepper Equine Photography

Sunday, February 20, 2011

This weekend has been fabulous. Sunny and in the seventies, first horse show of the season, and we are all still in one piece! We brought four horses to the Red Bank Arena benefit horse show, three of which had never been to a show before. Crazy idea? Yes.

Despite one loose horse incident ( a first for me!) everything went well! I am so proud of how the horses handled themselves. Merlin, the old pro, did a fabulous job. Everyone was all over him at the show. Racey Falcolena did fabulous as well, taking a blue in her first horsemanship class. Jack was a little bit shell-shocked at the arena, but he rode well will no major incidents and trailered great. Our resident stallion, "Lethal Dose of Smoke" behaved well beyond our expectations. No spooking or silly behavior, just as well behaved and handsome as he always is at home! If I could implant his brain in to every horse I work with I would do it with no hesitations.

I could not be happier with how the weekend went. Great bonding time with our farm residents and horses, and now we have a better idea of what direction to take our show horses in. Now it's time to further enjoy this beautiful weather, recover from showing english yesterday, and give our horses some TLC.

My advice to everyone who shows: Never let the magic leave you. It's amazing that our horses let us clip them, load them in to a scary box that moves, go to strange places, ride them all day, and fuss over them without hating us. That they trust us to let us do all that is pure magic to me. And if your horse is not there yet, hang in there! Steady and gentle work will bring you there. Take your time and enjoy it.